The purpose of a dental crown is to strengthen a structurally weakened tooth and prevent further breakdown. We are the specialist for crown services in Overland Park, Kansas City.

Indications for a crown include one more of the following:

  • A cracked tooth
  • A broken tooth missing tooth structure
  • A large filling increases the chance of fracture
  • A large cavity increases the chance of fracture
  • The occlusion (bite) needs alteration
  • Improve esthetics
  • Protect a tooth with a root canal from breaking: Posterior (back) teeth are lost 6x faster without a crown after root canal treatment.
    • A combination of these reasons

The crown process is a 2 step process

  • The first appointment
    • The patient is numbed
    • Decay is removed and missing tooth structure is replaced with build up material
    • The tooth is prepared
    • An impression (mold) is made of the prepared tooth
    • A temporary crown is fabricated
  • The second appointment
    • The crown is checked for:
      • Color and shape
      • Contact between adjacent teeth is present and allows floss to pass with ease
      • The bite is adjusted to feel correct
    • The crown is cemented in place
    • We offer multiple types of crowns depending on the patients needs
      • IPS e.max
      • Zirconia
      • Porcelain Fused to metal
      • Gold