Our treatment philosophy is to provide each patient with a customized treatment plan that fits each individual patients needs and desires while having a good long term prognosis.

  • The most important part of every treatment plan is to figure out the end goal at the beginning and work towards that goal based on prognosis.
  • Often times to have long-term success, especially with difficult cases, a comprehensive approach must be taken. A comprehensive approach may not have been presented in the past as many people have experienced only single tooth dentistry.  In these difficult cases, fixing only part of the mouth will not lead to the desired success.
  • For success, each case must be evaluated individually, and then a treatment plan formed based on the goals of the patient, prognosis, and limitations such as finances, biologic/prosthetic limitations, time, etc.
  • There is not always a right or wrong choice when deciding what treatment option to pursue but basing the treatment on prognosis and long-term success often lead to the best outcomes. Often the agreed upon treatment plan is a compromise and may have been an option that was never discussed previously.
  • At KC Complete Prosthodontics, there is no one size fits all treatment. We offer a full range of treatment options that are best for the patient, not the practitioner.  Treatment should not be limited by the clinicians desire to limit materials but by the needs of each individual case.
  • Many factors go into these decisions and having the time to discuss the options and the reasoning behind them leads to a more successful outcome.
  • Lastly, to have success the pros and cons of each treatment avenue must be addressed and an open line of communication established from the beginning. This is aided by both sides asking questions and having these questions answered.


  • We strongly believe in the teamwork approach to dentistry. The formation of the correct team can be the deciding factor in success or failure of a treatment plan.  The field of dentistry is such a wide field; I feel it is impossible to be the best at everything.
  • The teamwork approach is very important in esthetic dentistry and large surgical /restorative cases. In both of these types of cases as well as others, precision is very important and the most optimal results come from when a group of practitioners doing the part that they do best.  That is why at KC Complete Prosthodontics we work with other Specialists and General Dentists to give you the best results.


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