Immediate Fixed Denture Protocol aka The All-on-4 (Nobel Biocare)

Immediate Fixed Denture Protocol aka The All-on-4 (Nobel Biocare)
  • This is a protocol that uses a specific placement of implants immediately following extractions to allow an immediate prosthesis to be placed that is fixed in place during the healing period.
  • After the healing process is complete, a new prosthesis is made that has a metal bar connecting the implants together helping to stabilize the implants and prosthesis.
  • This process is completed with the help of a surgical specialist (Periodontist or Oral Surgeon) and the Prosthodontist (restorative specialist) at our dental office in Overland Park, Kansas City.
  • The benefits of this treatment protocol
    • Your teeth are always fixed in your mouth even with the temporary denture
    • The teeth feel more like natural teeth
    • The prosthesis is more comfortable than removable prosthesis
    • Improved confidence
    • Confidence that your teeth will not fall out while eating or laughing
    • Better chewing ability
    • Potentially no bone grafting
    • Convenience: less denture adjustment visits
    • No denture adhesive
    • No palate on the upper denture which allows the temperature of food to be felt and increased taste
    • All On four Dental Implants may reduce the rate at which the jaw shrinks

Image Courtesy of Nobel Biocare