Dental implants are traditionally made from titanium and mimic the root of a natural tooth to aid in the replacement of teeth.  Implants can be used in multiple modalities in oral rehabilitation including single/multi tooth restorations, retaining overdentures, and supporting fixed dentures.

The advantages of implants include:

  • Prevent bone loss
  • Allow restorations to better mimic real teeth
  • Prevent adjacent teeth from being affected to restore a missing tooth
  • Provide a fixed restoration rather than a removable one
  • Make removable restorations more like fixed ones
  • Improved quality of life
  • Increased confidence

At KC Complete Prosthodontics in Overland Park KS, we place select implants depending on each individual case. Dr Sparks has extensive training and experience both placing and restoring implants and is happy to discuss your treatment needs with you and deliver perfect services in Leawood, Kansas City.

As stated in our philosophy, we believe in teamwork and in some instances we feel to give you the best results, you may need to have someone else place the implant for us to restore.  In this situation, we have referrals to other specialists to have them aid in your successful restoration.

Come in today to discuss your implant treatment and see how a team of specialists can make your implant restoration a success.