Fixed Denture (Implant Supported)

Fixed Denture (Implant Supported)
  • Fixed complete dentures use implants (4 or 6) to hold the denture in place and feel like natural teeth.
  • Unlike their removable counterparts, fixed dentures feel and function like natural teeth and allow you to eat what you want again.
  • The amount of material in the mouth is greatly reduced leading to more comfort.
  • On the upper denture, the palate can be removed to enhance temperature perception and improve taste. On the lower denture, the edges are removed which allows for more space for your tongue.
  • The materials range from traditional acrylic to porcelain like crown and bridge for enhanced esthetics.
  • Advantages of the fixed denture
    • Feels and functions like natural teeth
    • You teeth are always fixed in your mouth
    • The permanent prosthesis is more comfortable than removable prosthesis
    • Improved confidence
    • Confidence that your teeth will not fall out while eating or laughing
    • Better chewing ability
    • Convenience: less denture adjustment visits
    • No denture adhesive
    • No palate on the upper denture which allows the temperature of food to be felt and increased taste
    • Dental implants may reduce the rate at which the jaw shrinks

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